Frustrated with computer problems? Simple ones or complex computer problems can take your time away from your business. Now there is help with Office PC Support. Using the latest secure technology, you can get real-time support from experienced computer technicians. Like having your own IT support staff. With a simple Click on our remote help Icon on your desktop you can get:

      Immediate, live help at your convenience

    • Priority attention for urgent calls

    • Complete problem resolution

    • 100% Customer Service Focused

    • Views your computer screen and the exact problem you are experiencing while speaking to you on the phone

    • Secure Connection
        - The ability to access your desktop remotely provides immediate support. There are five measures to insure 100% security for your organization.
        - End User Must Initiate the Session
        - End User Always Has Control Over the Mouse
        - End User Can Disable Session at Any Time
        - Web Base Plug-in utilizes 256-bit encryption scheme. HIPAA and Top Secret compliant